Why do I need the Cuttlefish App?

This app is designed for sailors by sailors with the main aim; to make your life easier. Find what you need easily, and quickly so that you spend less time lost and more time with a margarita!


How much does the Cuttlefish app cost?

As of Launch it is free to download!


Are there any hidden charges or in-app purchases needed when using Cuttlefish?

Nope! What you see is what you get!


When did Cuttlefish Launch?

There has been a long build up to get everything in order for the launch in October 2017 at The Baja Ha-ha regatta where we are one of the proud sponsors!


When is Cuttlefish launching in my region?

The initial launch will roll out on the west coast of USA and Mexico with a planned global rollout over 2018. We haven’t forgotten about you, we’re just creating some antic….ipation!


How will I know when Cuttlefish is launching in new regions?

Find all the latest news a releases from Cuttlefish on our Facebook page (link


Why the name Cuttlefish?

Like our intrepid founders, the Cuttlefish is a bit like a clam that millions of years ago came out of it’s shell and never went back (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDwOi7HpHtQ)


I would like to talk to someone from Cuttlefish?

Go to our contact page and our support team will help you with all of your Cuttlefish related needs. (link) or email us at  info@cuttlefishapp.io


Does Cuttlefish work on Android and ios?

Yes! It can be downloaded from Google Play (link) and the App store.(link)


Does the Cuttlefish HQ quarter berth have an oversupply of merchandise that needs gifting?

The way we look at it, there’s only one way to find out… info@cuttlefishapp.io

I can’t remember my password?

Don’t panic, you can easily click reset password and you will receive a new one to login with. Make sure you change it to something you remember thereafter.


I have an account, but my friends can’t find my profile in a search?

Go to your profile and change your privacy settings by ticking the box allowing other users to search my profile.


I only want to see search results within a 2km radius of my location, can I change that?

Yes! Go to your profile and change your local proximity settings. The minimum is 1km and the maximum is 50km.


Can I receive notifications when I get a message on the app?

Yes! Go to your profile and change your notification settings by ticking the box.


Can I change the units of measurement from Metric to Imperial?

Yes! This can be changed in your profile.


Where do I edit my profile settings, I made a mistake on signup?

Go to your profile and select “Edit your profile”, enter your new details and tap save.


Who assigns the star ratings for the locations?

Star ratings are based on user reviews. If a place doesn’t have a star rating, it just means that it hasn’t been reviewed yet, be the first!


What is the clubhouse for?

The Clubhouse built for you to connect with friends and sailors with similar interests. Find out who’s in port, search for friends, search by boat or for other families traveling with kids or dogs.


Im thirsty for the best margarita special in town with a great view!

Use the Local Assistance feature to hunt down the best deals and check user reviews to help you pick.


Can Cuttlefish help me find out What’s On near me?

Yes! The What’s On feature will show you any events or promotions happening within your selected radius. To change your search radius, go to your profile.


Why are there no pins in my location?

Cuttlefish launched in Baja, Mexico and is growing fast, however it will be about a year before we can conquer the globe. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news and new area roll outs (link)


Can I add a location that I would like to recommend?

Yes, please do! The more contributions you make, the faster our global network will grow.


Can I rate a venue that I have visited?

Yes, please do! You must be a logged in to rate and leave reviews.


I own a business can I list it on Cuttlefish?

Yes! You can create a login for the Business portal and list your business for free.


I am not at my destination yet, how do I browse local assistance there?

Use the Discover feature to browse pins around the globe!


I’ve noticed an issue with one of the venues listed, how do I report it?

Tap on the pin to open up the venue’s details and tap the Flag. Please let us know why you have flagged it.

Can I save pins for quick reference later?

Yes! Tap on the pin to open up the details and tap the Save button.


Who can post reviews?

Only signed in users can post reviews.

Can I use Cuttlefish offline?

Yes, you are able to download areas of interest from the cloud by using the Offshore feature.