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Terms and Conditions of use and sale


So, you’re thinking about signing up or buying something from us hey? Well, we strongly recommend you read and fully understand our Terms and Conditions of use and sale before putting your hard-earnt cash down. It’ll prevent any confusion or disappointment on either side of the fence later.


Scope – who is cuttlefish?

The Cuttlefish mobile app, website and Business Portal are all services operating under the portfolio of Stowaway Enterprise Pty Ltd. Stowaway Enterprise’s (ABN: 73 617 023 631) registered place of business is 308 Fitzgerald Street, Perth, Western Australia, 6849. The teams at both Cuttlefish and Stowaway invite you to carefully read and fully understand these conditions of sale before making any Cuttlefish product or service purchase.


Services offered

Mobile app

Cuttlefish is primarily a community based mobile application available on Apple and Android platforms. Purchases of the app are through the App Store and Google Play and are subject to their terms and conditions of sale and use as well.

Business Portal

Cuttlefish Business Portal is an account created by a business through our website. Holding a business account allows a business to add their services to our interactive and nautical cruising market targeted mobile app. Up to this point, the service is free to the business.

An account holding business can also advertise through their portal onto the mobile app’s “What’s on?” feature. All new business accounts are issued 10 free advertising credits on sign up, and will never have to pay for these initial 10 credits. Once this welcome offer has been exhausted or expired, a business can purchase more credits either individually, or in bundles at a reduced cost. Each individual credit is one opportunity to advertise a promotion for 24hrs.





Our Prices

The prices are set by the Cuttlefish team and are subject to change without prior notice.


An annual fee advertised on your relevant app store will be charge to gain access to, and use the mobile app. This fee gives you full access to the entire app, which is a global database of cruising services, supplies and contacts. Cheapest guide book around we think!


Once business promotion credits are purchased through a successful transaction, they are owned by the business up until the point of use or expiry. Whichever occurs first.



Expiry dates

The mobile app subscription needs to be renewed annually. You will be reminded when your subscription is nearing renewal.

Business credits have an expiry date that is set in the future based on the date of purchase. Once expired, a credit/s will be removed from a business’s account and is no longer useable. Credit expiry dates are clearly displayed in the “Buy Credits” screen of your portal.


At Cuttlefish, we like to think we’re pretty up front with what we offer, what it will do for you and what it costs – before you buy it. So, if any of these things aren’t 100% clear, please contact us by email ( info@cuttlefishapp.io ) before making a purchase and we’ll gladly discuss it with you.

Because we are so approachable and up front, we don’t offer refunds for any products or services. As you will have made a well-informed purchase and be happy with your money well spent.



We are a global community – moderation


Key word here is “community”. People from all walks of life, of all ages, from all parts of the globe will be scrolling through and using the Cuttlefish services. We ask politely that you be respectful of others and keep a ‘publicly acceptable’ standard to any conversations, posts, images, promotions and all other forms of interaction within the app and business portal.

To ensure nobody crosses the line our moderation team will cast an eye over most things before they go public. But if something is missed, all users have the ability to ‘flag’ something they see for moderators to review if they find it offensive, inappropriate or even just incorrect.


If something you have added to our community has been flagged, you will be notified and the issue will be discussed. If you regularly add offensive or inappropriate material to Cuttlefish, moderators may permanently block your account without refund – but hopefully it never comes to that.




Moderation times


The vast majority of content added to the Cuttlefish network either through the app or business portal is moderated by our in-house team to ensure it is of a tasteful nature. We aim to get through all new content as soon as possible. However, in times of high demand some items can take up to 24hrs to be approved and displayed. Make sure you allow for this possibility when adding promotions, reviews, listings and making posts.



Your consent


By purchasing, using or interacting with a Cuttlefish service or product, you consent to our Terms and Conditions of use and sale.



Changes to these very terms & conditions of use & sale



From time to time we will need to update our Terms and Conditions of use and sale either to match changes in legislation, or to keep it up to date with our ever-evolving business, products and services.


If we decide to change our policy, you will be able to find the changes here, in our Terms and Conditions policy.



Still got questions?


You can contact our team for more information on our Terms and Conditions of use and sale by email at: info@cuttlefishapp.io